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Listen and Learn ~ the power of observation in a mentor group

We all know how rich a learning experience can be when it’s interactive and you are able to participate fully. When you choose a mentor group, you will have the opportunity to coach, be coached and be mentored. The benefits of mentor coaching may be obvious, but in addition, here’s what we’ve discovered from many years of mentoring coaches. Much of the learning takes place during the observation process. This is the bonus and maybe the best-kept secret about group mentoring. The observing you will experience is powerful and gives you a fresh perspective about your own coaching. Why is this so? What is it about observation that helps you integrate what you are learning in a new way? Maybe because it’s not about you and so you can have a different and more objective perspective than when you are [...]

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You know you’re ready to re-connect with other coaches if….

1.  You miss the camaraderie that you felt with your peers when you were in coach training. 2.  You can’t remember the last time you tried out a new coaching tool. 3.  You would welcome an in-depth conversation about best practices in coaching. 4.  You love to learn by listening to other people coach. 5.  You feel enriched every time you have a conversation with your colleagues. 6.  You haven’t left your home office for 3 weeks and your headset is becoming your best friend. There is a real value in consistently connecting with your coaching colleagues.  As coach trainers we have often heard our program participants say how valuable it is to be in a conversation with other coaches and we know why this is true. When you have a chance to talk to other coaches about how they [...]

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Is it time to have a deeper conversation about Creating Awareness?

The ICF has established 11 Core coaching competencies. Any coach who is ICF credentialed uses these competencies as a foundation for their coaching. As many of us know, it is easy to let time slip by as we build our coaching practices without reviewing and refreshing our understanding of these key concepts. The benefit to going back to the core competencies every so often is not only having a review, but also to bring our experiences and seasoning as a coach, which adds to the richness of each competency. We thought we would take a look at one core competency in this blog post to hopefully inspire you to look a little deeper and see what you might find. But which competency to choose? Each one is an important piece of the coaching landscape. So we drew straws and landed [...]

A Kinder, Gentler Approach to Coach Mentoring

If you love coaching because of the opportunity to be collaborative, you’re in luck. You can use your coaching skills as your foundation and bring that same collaborative spirit and approach to your mentoring, rather than being the expert with all the answers. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, mentoring them on coaching skills. We’ve learned that whether they are seeking professional growth or an ICF credential, people respond best and find new ways to expand their coaching when the mentoring relationship and conversation is based on mutual sharing and respect. So what is the best way to collaborate with a mentee? In other words, how can you create a space of true partnership that carries an invitation to a shared focus and at the same time maintain your commitment to guide and support your mentee’s [...]

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5 Tips to Tune Up Your Hearing

We’re all working so hard to listen, but are we really hearing anything? As coaches we are trained to listen.  We practice listening and we get assessed on our listening skills. With our friends and family we also listen.  At times we may not listen deeply enough or we may “over do it” and forget to take our coaching hats off when we are “off – duty.” No matter what we do, rest assured – we are focused on listening. But what about hearing? As coaches, we hope to hear what is  underneath what our clients are saying.  We hope to hear the deep connection and the clues to insights and opportunities. And with friends and family, we hope to hear something that will help us to gain deeper understanding and build compassion. So often listening is more about what [...]

What Have You Thanked YOU For Lately?

You know what a powerful tool acknowledgement is in the coaching process. You’ve seen your children light up when you acknowledge them for something they already feel good about. You’ve experienced the joy of being acknowledged by someone whose opinion matters to you. But when is the last time you acknowledged you? We believe that great coaching begins with self-mastery and coaches are naturally inclined to develop self-mastery in many ways.   But where does self-mastery begin?   An argument could be made that self-mastery begins with self-awareness – all well and good but how do we begin to be self-aware? And how do we turn self-mastery and self-awareness into something we can enjoy along with a good cup of coffee in the morning?  Can we be our own Yoda, peppering our thoughts with pithy reminders so that we stay on the [...]

5 Easy Steps to Deepen Your Understanding of… …the ICF Core Competencies

Whether you have been coaching for many years or have just started, there is always an opportunity to deepen your understanding of and facility with the ICF Core Competencies. One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching is that we always have the opportunity to grow and to become more skillful. As we prepare for the Deeper Conversations program starting in September, we are reviewing the competencies and looking at new and inventive ways of helping our program participants to connect more fully with how the competencies show up in their coaching. With this in mind, we wanted to share 5 easy steps with you and invite you to join the conversation in September to earn CCEUs and also engage in an in-depth conversation with your colleagues. 5 Easy Steps: Active Listening - Experiment with different tools for listening while [...]

Get Your Ducks In A Row! 7 Things To Remember As You Prepare To Be A Mentor Coach

Whether you’re a seasoned mentor coach or just starting out, there are some foundational practices that will help you optimize your mentor coaching so you can truly serve your mentee. Remember that this is process. As a coach we all continue to develop and grow our skills. The same is true when you are serving as a mentor. You will develop and grow as you practice your mentoring. As we are planning for our Certified Mentor Coach program that will be starting in September, we thought about you, our coaching community, and want to share some of the foundational practices we feel are so important for all mentor coaches. Make sure you have a different Agreement for mentoring than you use with a coaching client. Review the ICF Mentor Coach competencies: Have the ICF Core Competencies available to use [...]

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7 Ways to Deepen Your Coach Mentoring Skills

If you are currently a mentor coach, you already know the value of honing your mentoring skills and including new tools in your mentoring tool box. As coach mentors and trainers, we have found that there are endless opportunities to broaden a mentor’s ability to support and impact his or her mentees. Here are 7 to get you started: Find opportunities to listen to coaching and notice where the coaching core competencies show up. Practice what you might say to the coach in the “debrief” of the session, if you were his or her mentor. Notice if you need to deepen your understanding about one or more of the coaching core competencies and reach out to a colleague or your coach or mentor to have a discussion to gain more clarity. Find two colleagues and schedule a time for the [...]

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What Does it Mean to be a Mentor Coach?

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF) (one of the governing bodies of the coaching profession) it is estimated that there are currently approximately 47,500 professional coaches worldwide.  Within the coaching profession there are many coaching “niches.”  A coach might work primarily with executives or small business owners or with people who are interested in developing their health and wellness or work/life balance.  There are spiritual coaches, accountability coaches, trauma and loss coaches and coaches who work with children, the elderly and all ages in between. One of the greatest assets of the coaching profession is that each coach brings his or her unique sensibility and experience to their coaching practice.  But as varied as coaching practices may be, all coaches who are credentialed through the ICF are bound to coach using the ICF Core Competencies as a structure for their coaching.  [...]

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